The Bikeshare Planning Guide

Planning for an
Unknown Future

In 2018, Mexico City approved dockless bikeshare companies to operate in the city alongside its successful Ecobici system. Source: ITDP Mexico

Emphasized again and again throughout this Guide, cities should position bikeshare as a mechanism to help achieve large-scale goals, adopt policies that align with those goals, and monitor and evaluate system performance and progress. This cyclical process enables cities to integrate yet-to-be-known changes into the evaluation of their bikeshare systems to decide if policies, regulations, business models or operating approaches should be adjusted. Planning for an unknown future rests on the ability to be flexible and responsive to unforeseen developments and having mechanisms in place to measure their
impact on existing policies and procedures. The bikeshare landscape is constantly changing; now, cities have the opportunity to capitalize on these new applications of technology to facilitate a more sustainable transportation network.

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